Replacing Cobblestones in Prešeren Square


A worker in Prešeren Square arranges cobblestones by hand. The city is pulling up the stones temporarily to repair water pipes beneath the square and adjacent streets.


5 thoughts on “Replacing Cobblestones in Prešeren Square

  1. Nice shot. I like the angle.

    Any plans to scrape the sky-rat gunge off poor France’s shoulders while they’re at it? It looked like he was wearing a guano pashmina last time I was there.

  2. Thanks, sgazzetti! I shot that from an upper floor of the Centromerkur building during a tour there last week. More about that soon…

    Haven’t heard about plans to give the France Prešeren statue a polish, but perhaps it will happen before the beginning of the EU presidency.

  3. It was about time to do it. I remember I almost ruined my shoes in high school by just crossing the square twice a day (can’t imagine how women in high heels were actually able to cross the square). Those canyons between the cobblestones were enormous back then (the same not so long ago as well). :O

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