3 thoughts on “Remembrance Day at Ljubljana’s Žale Cemetery

  1. Jen, these are some amazing photos! The sunset one is probably my favorite…I’d never seen those kind of candles with the tops engraved.
    brava =)

    1. Hello Jennifer,
      Thanks for your photos. I found the same candles today in Ljubljana… and I wonder if there are only use in cemetries… or for rememberance… I’d love to use them for parties but don’t want to shock in case these are more “religious” candles.

      1. Hi Sophie,
        I see you’ve written this a few months ago, but hope you haven’t used them as a decoration at a party yet.
        They are used exclusively in cemeteries and monuments and you’d most probably shock people quite BADLY. 🙂
        Except for a halloween party, that would be cool.

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