Sweet Home Ljubljana

Here are a few of my posts from Slovenia’s tiny and picturesque capital, Ljubljana, where I lived from 2005 to 2008. Scroll down to see them all, or choose from this list:

In and around the capital, Ljubljana:

Šmarna Gora Hill (An autumn hike in Ljubljana)

Opera House (Neoclassical gem gets an addition)

Urbanc Store, or Centromerkur (Renovation for Art Nouveau landmark)

Žale Cemetery (Photos from Slovenia’s Remembrance Day, when people visit the graves of their deceased loved ones)

Prešeren Square (Photos of the heart of Ljubljana)

The Buzz (The Destination): Ljubljana, Slovenia Conde Nast Traveler, January 2008

Around Slovenia:

Ormož (A visit to the wine country on St. Martin’s Day)

Piran (Photos of Slovenia’s Adriatic Coastal gem)

Radovljica, Bled and Surrounding Villages (Article from The Wall Street Journal Europe)

Lake Bled (Photos)

Breznica, village near Bled (Photos)

Žirovnica, village near Bled (Photo)

Hrastovlje (Breathtaking frescoes in an unassuming 12th-century church)


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